Default Limit storage for new user

Can someone Tell me how to set limit on storage for new registered user?

in your admin-account goto settings (upper right corner) and chose user.
then again click settings (lower left corner this time) and enter a default value for storage.
note: this would occur to ALL your users.

maybe it’s possible to grant some default-value to a single group/list of users as well… but so far i haven’t found out about it.

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There is user option but i couldnt find any default value. can you send an screenshot?

I can do it manually but no option for default value

so again: admin-user → settings → users and then


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awwww… and i just saw that there is a new app available just NOW
groupfolderquota - but only avail from the api as for the moment - dunno how and IF that one works but i just wanted to let you know

hmm group quota will be nice !

although i want to use external storage like wasabi how that will be handled here.

@JimmyKater Hey I am thinking to run an public instance of nextcloud but one issue is there i am unable to workout external storage

I am thinking to use wasabi. how to create so every user get own private storage

i’m afraid i dont know anything about wasabi :frowning:

wasabi” is very often used in combination with soja souce and sushi :wink:

Can you translate it into human language?

rofl… but really off topic :wink:

can someone here help me ?

@JimmyKater Afaik, Wasabi seems to be a cheap cloud storage solution, with servers mainly located in the US. It seems that it supports the Amazon S3 connector as described here How do I use FileCloud with Wasabi?

@vibhi I’m sorry, but I think the Wasabi cloud storage is not well known and used in Europe very often, therefore it will be difficult to find someone who could answer your questions. The likelihood to receive an answer on your question will most likely also not increase by posting similar questions under different groups and topics.

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hmm thanks for the response

I really wanted to start an multi user instance but what is the solution regarding the storage How to give every user at least 5GB of private storage.

can someone help me if i used another service? Curious to know which service to use which is too expensive as amazon s3