Default data folder on nas synology


I have a synology nas, and a new virtual machine with nextcloud.
I have a nexcloud user on the synology.
I use fstab to mount the nexcloud folder from the sygnology with this ligne

sshfs#nextcloud@ /mnt/noth-nas01 fuse port=22,defaults,uid=www-data,gid=www-data,allow_other 0 0

Everything works fine except user rights.
I have this error on the first screen installation "Can’t create or write into the data directory /mnt/noth-nas01/ "
I thought it was an easy mistake to fix, but I’m running out of ideas.
Root from the vm is allowed to make changes, but the user nginx and the group www-data is not.

An idea about the rights i should have,

  • on the synology folder homes/nextcloud/vm-data
  • on the fstab command
  • and the mount point /mnt/noth-nas01 ?

I listen to an alternative method if it’s looks incoherent.

Software information :
Alpinelinux, fresh install from nextcloud v20, DSM 6.2