Dedicated folder for all files/folders shared from other users

At the begin I want to thanks all developers and society for good piece of software.

I use nextcloud for private purpose. Mainly to shares photos with my family and as a backup for all family members.
Initially I have set whole partition to sync, but after some time this main catalog turned into a big dustbin. And because of different convention of naming each family members and many family event which was to share, I was not able to find my main catalog with photo or work.

I workaround this problem by creating catalog for that mess and insert there symbolic links to folders with my data. But some time ago this stop working for windows client.

My question is there any plugin or option to turn on to separate shared stuff from my own?

If not exist how is your opinion of that kind of problem? Maybe other workaround.

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There is a config.php option for that purpose. You can define to which folder shares shall be added …


I really went up and down the config.sample.php but was to this moment unaware, that this is possible. Must have missed it. Many thanks for even asking that question here :slight_smile: