Decrypt-all in Nextcloud 12


This morning i launched a “occ encryption:decrypt-all” on my new upgraded Nextcloud 12.

This command didn’t ask any password !

I have about 300Gb then it is always running, but do you think that he can success without give him the recovery password ?

Is it a way to force asking password ?

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The problem seem’s that nextcloud 12 in maintenance mode will disable all modules, and I don’t know how to force encryption module in maintenance mode…

decrypt-all ask the password when launched without maintenance mode.
But it didn’t work, files are not decrypted…

Is the singleuser maintenance mode disabled in nextcloud 12 ?


Disable maintenance activation in /core/Command/Encryption/DecryptAll.php

@bjoern can you help here with decryption?

I have to add some information on this topic.

Lately I decided to run decrypt all with the intention to deactivate server side encryption on local disk space. However to avoid users interfering with the process I set maintenance mode to on.

The decrypt all command started without asking for a password and ran through my files but suddenly stopped in between saying everything should be defrypted (which obviously was not, duh!).

Disabling maintenance mode revealed a 503 error on all my files in the cloud so I had to restore the data directory and a MySQL DB backup for the whole cloud. A real pain in the ass.

So, either because of maintenance mode disables the necessary decryption module or decryption function has a bug, this should be really fixed in both ways. Users should be able to roll back encryption once a set of files are uploaded.

this seems to be the case in nextcloud 16.0.1 too.
decrypting said everything was ok. i turned maint mode off and could access any files. i noticed then that default crypto module is only loaded when maint mode if off.
my installation is pretty much gone and i have to restore now too.