Deck updates from Reminder App (iOS) not syncing back


Tried to ask on Reddit but no response for 48 hours, so hopefully someone on here might be able to help.

I was so proud to get my deck(s) to show on my IPad Reminder app. Then I realised that any updates or newly created reminder did not sync back to NC Deck.

Despite trying to find anything online, I have drawn a blank. Maybe someone on here has a solution.

All I’m looking for is 2 way sync between a (free) iOS app and NC self hosted Deck.

By 'reminder` you mean the Due date or another feature?

I am the maintainer of the Deck Android app, therefore I can tell you that the Deck server app does not support any thing like a ‘reminder’ - the closest thing would be a due date.

So in case you mean the due date, that is probably a bug in the Deck iOS app, which you should report in their issue tracker (you should he able to find a link in the app store)

In case you are really talking about ‘reminders’: This is a featzre that can only work locally by design at this time - It can not be synchronized.

Nothing to do with Android, it is NC self hosted syncing with iOS

NC → iOS working

IOS updated tasks in iOS reminder app → NC not updating
IOS created tasks in iOS reminder app → NC getting lost on both sides

Please carefully read my post again (I explained why I mentioned Android while your request is about iOS) and try answering the questions rather than introducing new terms to the discussion without explaining the context (Tasks is a different app and not equal to the Deck app - different words, different meanings :wink:).


Thanks Stefan,

I somehow ended up seeing my Deck items on the iOS Reminder App, not using the Deck App in iOS.

So being pleased with seeing the Deck entries, I was hoping I could update and re sync them in the opposite direction.

My mistake was using task in my response, it should be record or entry.

Thank you for the clarification.

The Deck server app provides basically two synchronization mechanisms:

  1. A REST API which native Deck clients like Deck iOS (or the Deck Android app) can connect to
  2. The CalDAV protocol, which is usually used by calendar apps and / or task apps (for iOS, Android and other operating systems). This also allows you to few your boards in the Nextcloud Calendar and Tasks apps within a browser

I personally don’t use iOS, but I am pretty sure, that the Reminders App you are talking about uses the second mechanism.

However, the second mechanism is not fully implemented and currently provides only a basic read-only view - with a partially buggy write option. There are several known issues like

and others. I therefore strongly advise to eschew anything else but the native Deck iOS app I linked above (though I don’t know it’s current state, it should for sure work better than any CalDAV mechanism - just my opinion).