Deck: Shared board make tasks that are grayed out

Hi everyone.
I’m using Nextcloud as personal cloud since the version 16. I think is a very strong project, so i’m exploring other included functionality. I’m interested in Deck, because it could be useful for my work team, where we can plan something to remember or to do, with the user assignment. Everything seems great BUT:

  • I create a board, and share it with the group or user i want (perfect).
  • That activity goes on the Calendar (but i can’t choose when start and when finish, but only the finish time)
  • The worst thing is that the activity goes to task to, but is impossible to interact with it. In the Tasks section, every activity from Deck is grayed out.

In this way, Deck is unuseful, because we can’t interact with the task, and deck is only a kind of board where write something to remember.

Am i doing something wrong? Because if i create a new task into my personal task section, i have the possibility to choose when start, when finish, give state and more.
Is it possible that Deck hasn’t this kind of integration with Tasks?

I’ve searched a lot, but i’ve found only another user here in the community that has my identical problem, and there aren’t answer to his post.
I hope to be luckier!

I don’t use Deck in this way, but the yet missing write support for CalDAV might explain this behavior.

Is this solved in 21.0.2?

Check the linked issue which i posted above and you will see that it is still Open - therefore: no.


You can subscribe to this issue by clicking on this button in the linked issue:


When it gets Closed you will get a notification at GitHub.

Also note that 21.0.2 is a Nextcloud version. Deck has it’s own, independent release cycle and the current version at time writing this response is v1.4.2.

THX for clearing!

I’m new with this procedures in solving the problems.
But there are so many to get a productive workflow in Nextcloud.

Hard to try to understand the concept behind.
Who is responsible for this issue now?
Deck, Tasks, Nextcloud?

Is the situation better @ owncloud?
Any other experience with alternatives?

The Deck app and everyone who is contributing to it. This includes

  • the projects maintainer
  • the developers and
  • further volunteers

I don’t exactly understand what you mean with “the situation” - what exactly do you expect? Are you using any other free software where you have a personal coach who implements features or fixes bugs as soon as you write them? Putting all other work on the side and just focuses on your personal needs? I don’t think so. That’s not how free software works.
You can

  • wait until someone picks up the issue :family_man_boy_boy:
  • fix it yourself or :wrench:
  • pay some freelancer to fix it if you are not a developer :moneybag:

You can not demand anyone to pick it up immediately. Most people are working on Deck and other apps in their freetime. If it affects multiple people or it is a heavy bug or a feature which gets requested quite often, chances are higher that the maintainer will pick it up earlier. But demanding? No, this won’t work.

The situation will be the same on nearly every free software project. Regarding ownCloud: Go ahead and find out. ownCloud has a very different target group and focuses on file storage for enterprise users. You won’t find an extended community ecosystem for apps like Notes, News or Deck. So, please avoid asking for better burgers when you are just sitting in a Burger King, this is quite unpolite.

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THX again for clearing and the look behind the scenes.

I don’t want to be unpolite sorry!

Your comparison Nextcloud - Burger King is very apt!
Even if this issue is solved it will be still Burger - not real food.

If you sand down and repaint an old rusty Skoda and do the same thing to a Jaguar E, it’s the same job & cost.

But the result …

I think I have maybe good ideas how an App for getting things done should look like.
To whom to turn to see if anyone joins it?

Ideas to improve the Deck app can be discussed in the issue tracker - but ideas are not enough. As you experienced yourself, they need to be done by someone. A look at the existing issues shows, that there are already a lot of ideas which are waiting for somebody to pick them up.

If you are thinking about starting a new project for another app, your best chances are to start one and then advertise it (for example in the corresponding category in this forum). No project has ever been succesful by only talking about it :wink:.

Though this gets off topic for this thread.

Yes lets stop here
Many THX for your Infos to understand the whole Project & Procedere better. :+1: