Deck - Problems with update from Nextcloud 28.0.6 to Nextcloud 29.0.1

With the today update i get problems with the app deck on two of my Nextclouds.

Optional parameter $userId declared before required parameter $path is implicitly treated as a required parameter at /var/www/virtual/username/html/cloud/apps/deck/lib/Service/ConfigService.php#234

There are issues e.g. here. Deck was mentioned during the upgrade that it would be disabled. This was not the case. However, it seems to be working. I just wanted to point that out. Maybe someone knows more. If you need deck maybe you do not upgrade to Nextcloud 29.0.1 and wait a few days.

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The PR (which is merged for release already) referenced in that issue will fix that if you feel like patching manually / must have the fix sooner.

Deck needs a new release prepared it looks like. So it’s just waiting on somebody to pick up on that chore.

The reason the app wasn’t left disabled during the upgrade looks to be because 1.13.0 (the release that is published at the moment) indicates itself as compatible with v29.

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