Deck - Calendar - Task - - integration

Hi all,

I am having issues with the synchronization of the deck, calendar and tasks.

how to create the issue

  1. In deck I create a new card: Task1_example
  2. In the card I set a date to do the task: 8:00 tomorrow.
  3. I go to agenda and see my task on 8:00:

  1. I want to edit the task, to make the date to 16:00.
  2. When I click on it, it opens op the lists, not the task.
  3. In the lists I can not edit anything from the deck’created’ task.
  • as you can see it is a deck: tasklist
  • it is uneditable in the tasks
  • it is uneditable in the agenda

Q: Is there a way I can edit the time in the list or agenda?
Q: Is it possible to edit the deck made tasks in the tasks app?

Is it a setting thing or is it something not possible at all?

Thanks in advance!