Deck app does not update/refresh the project attachments

I have the following issue with the deck app. Probably a bug

Steps to replicate it:

  1. go to deck app

  2. choose a card

  3. choose option: “Add to a project”

  4. choose option: Link to a file ==> The file is now correctly displayed and linked

  5. But…If you leave the deck app and open other apps, then return to the deck app and open the same card, the link to the file will not be displayed

==> If you refresh the page (F5) the link will be displayed again.

  1. If the board is shared and edit rights are assigned, the person with whom the board is shared cannot see the link in the card and also not when the page is reloaded. Not even if the file or folder has been shared previously. This point seems to be a bug…or is not yet supported (??)

I have tested this with current browsers (MSEdge/Firefox/Chrome). Looks the same everywhere.

Deck 1.1.2
Nextcloud 19.0.4 (upgraded from 18) not troubles
PhP Version: 7.3.16
Betriebssystem: Linux 4.15.0-115-generic x86_64
mysql Version: 10.4.12
Hosting: owncube

I guess you are the GitHub user osm-frasch and already found the right place to post this bug report, but for documentation for other forum users:

This is a support forum, app developers usually do not read here. Bugs reports and feature requests should be opened as issues in the corresponding GitHub issue trackers :wink:

Yes, I already posted the bug on Github. I just thought I’d try the support forum because I wasn’t sure if there are other experiences and hints from the community.

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