Deck 1.1 a real disaster

The latest version of Deck is a real disaster of the month in my system.
My raspberry pi 4 8go is greatly slowed down.
When I write a new card, the page doesn’t refresh.
the application on Android crashes all the time, I have lots of duplicates

Is it possible to revert to an interior version?

One more problem,
on an iphone with firefox or safari
it is impossible to see the boards, the display remains blocked on Upcoming Maps.

Thank you in advance

Do you have filesystem access to your Nexcloud instance? If yes, you can pull the release from Github and overwrite the app. But be aware that this only works if there have been no db schema changes between deck versions.

a more direct way to get in touch with the developers is at github.

There were a few fixes in the 1.1.x branch:

Did they solve your issue? If not, please open a bug report on the bug tracker, especially when you see regressions.

Curious on if 1.1.2 release addresses the problems you encountered.

yes, most of the problems are solved
At present only the Android application is causing problems.
I don’t use it anymore…

Well, that’s your choice of course, but please tell me: if you don’t report the issues you have, how should i be able to know about it and solve the problems? :wink:

I will happily try to solve each issue with the android app which gets reported - of course only the ones which fill out the complete issue template.

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It’s very difficult for me to explain, I don’t speak English.
I’ve already made the request, but as I’m speaking badly maybe I wasn’t well understood.
I have had a lot of spits and consequently a lot of duplicates, as I use deck in a professional context, I can’t afford to continue.

I am also not a native english speaker (german), but i am sure we can communicate successfully via or or whatever. Actually you already successfully expressed your disappointment about version 1.1 of the Deck server app. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds like this issue which has already been reported and fixed in version 1.10.0. I don’t know whether you stopped using it before that version or not, but it might be worth a look.

But only giving a rant at the free support without submitting a bug report which fills the issue template and without giving us the necessary information to reproduce and fix the issue, you must not expect that the latest releases magically solve all the issues you have. This is what i would call a “professional context”. :wink:

Let me summarize my statement: It doesn’t matter if you use software in a “professional context” or to plan your dinner: If you encounter a bug and you don’t report it, you must not complain if it doesn’t get fixed.

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The problem is still there, I just tested it!
I have already reported the problem without getting an answer. I don’t know if I was understood or nobody found my problem interesting.
Here it is:
when I create a list and a card in a row without an internet connection, the application stops working.

Then please post the link to the issue you have reported here. I just searched the GitHub issues for the Deck Android app and i couldn’t find any other issue with this kind of error description.

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Just for documentation, since you did not post a link and your username at GitHub isn’t the same:

I guess you meant this issue. The description is indeed very different from what you told here (crash vs duplicate cards).

Let’s discuss the actual issue over at GitHub, it does not belong here.