Deck 1.0.0 lost format in description


When I add a description
next line with

then click on show description all lines are in one


When I click edit again it is correctly formatted.

How to get the right format ?

Nextcloud Deck aims to fulfill the Commonmark specification. The specification requires two Space characters (or alternatively one \ character) at the end of each line to properly break them.

Why? I don’t know and i don’t like it, that’s why we decided to ignore this particular paragraph of the specification in the Deck Android app break the lines as expected there.

The behavior of the Web UI will likely change once they migrated to Nextcloud Text as markdown editor.

I think You and now me are nearly the only ones To Know that!

But I think we are not the only ones with this opinion!

Does anyone know whom to ask to change this strange be heavier?

Some options:

Stable1.4: Pls be so kind and make the Card Description Editor more userfreindly by witzker · Pull Request #2991 · nextcloud/deck (

Let’s see!

Is there another way to get a better editor by installing it Myself?

No, the Deck app does not support customizable editors.

I am confused. The linked Pull Request seems to be completely unrelated to the here discussed topic of line breaks and adds a width: 100% style.

Yes Me too they closed it and linked to the “100% style Thing”
[stable1.4] Fix codemirror description width by backportbot-nextcloud · Pull Request #2984 · nextcloud/deck (