Debug Openstack external storage error


how can I debug the external storage error? I have red squares:

For example, here’s the output of chrome > inspect > network (/index.php/apps/files_external/globalstorages/1?testOnly=true):

I can see there’s an “system” error with code=1, how can I have more details? Is it a credentials issue?

Thank you :relaxed:

Hosting : OVH VPS SSD 1 VPS Starter : Le VPS pas Cher & Haute Performance | OVHcloud
Nextcloud version : 12.0.3
Operating system and version : Ubuntu 16.04
Apache or nginx version : 2.4
PHP version : 7.1

Have you figured this out? I’m also trying to mount Swift storage from OVH. Without luck.
I’m certain I’m providing correct configuration values - I tested them in the command line. I wasn’t sure if nextCloud needs Tenand Id or Tenant Name - I have tried both however, and both didn’t work.

Hi !

Sadly I think it’s not working with OVH…

I tried a free Amazon S3 instance to be sure, and the S3 is working, so I dropped OVH for Amazon.

But it still doesn’t meet my requirements, nextcloud seems very slow to open any folder on external S3 storage, and I reached the 20k requests per month in like 5-7 days, so I think something is wrong…

I’m waiting a couple of month for this to be more stable


Be sure to test Nextcloud 14 beta’s and if there are still issues, help get them fixed before the release!