Debian 11 support status?

Hello, does anyone have any idea when bullseye Debian 11 will be officially supported on NextcloudPi?

I’m needing to upgrade for other services on my box but NCP is currently requiring 10.

I understand it will release when it releases and am very thankful. Just wondering if there is a rough estimate (spring, summer, fall 2022 etc). Pending that answer will help me decide to pursue my improvements on other services via more difficult methods or just wait.


I do not know the official way, but I have no issues with my NC and bullsey.

Hello, Debian 11 Buster is working without problems.

Look this tutorial:


I think OPs question is more about the nextcloudpi (ncp) status.
It is still in development and due to volunteer work not ready for Bullseye yet.

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I’m sorry, yes this is about nextcloudpi. I should have clarified.