Dear nextcloud team,

Can you give feature about Nextcloud? My boss want know detail about it?

Here some of the features:


Does it useful for internal in organization ?

It is definitely useful for those who take time to read what it can do and try it out

For everyone else it’s completely useless!


What do you look for? You can obviously read the features provided by Nextcloud, the community version is free and can be used for free even in a professionel context. There is a paid support, they provide additional service. For example if you want to integrate Nextcloud in a specific environment (existing data backend/authentication backend/…).

Can I demo those product like file, talk and groupware?


How about enterprise nextcloud? does it the same as instant trail ?

One advantage of Nextcloud is the fact, that Nextcloud is licensed under AGPL.
So you can get all features also without enterprise support.


I think you must first verify nextcloud with a private accout.
You can use the test account, get a free account e.g. at
Or buy a small Managed Nextcloud for Testing.
Which country do you live?