Dealing with client's logs?


In ubuntu, I found the Nextcloud’s client logs in ~/.config/Nextcloud/logs/ and they grow very fast, full of “debug” lines.

I would like to send the logs to “/var/logs” and be able to desactivate debug lines, and info lines …
I did not found how to set that. Maybe in ~/.config/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg, or elsewhere …

The directory ~/.config/Nextcloud/logs/ continue to grow so fast with such kinf of files 20240413_1857_owncloud.log.0.gz, about 4 Mo every minute or few minutes.

I do not understand wy the logs are at this place. Nothing I read speaks about this place. Strange.
And plenty of “debug” lines that I do not need for the moment.

Ubuntu 22.04 and Nextcloud’s client 3.4.2 here, waiting for 24.04 in a few weeks, and an update of Nextcloud’s client that should solve, maybe !
An idea please, even if you thnk it is my error somewhere …