Dead link in activity list to birthday calender

I’d like to report a small bug. (Please move the topic, if it’s on the wrong place)

I’m using: “Nextcloud Hub 8 (29.0.2)” (on Debian 12 with Apache)

Reproduction of Problem:

  1. I remove a contact from Contact birthdays calendar (german: “Kontakt von Geburtstagskalender ausschließen”). This is in the menu with the three points where you can delete the contact card shown.
  2. Go to activities (Link: /apps/activity/all)
  3. Yo can see that the remocal of the contact birthday has be done by the system. (german. “Du hast den Termin LLL im Kalender Contact birthdays gelöscht.”)

LLL is a link to the calender. The link is dead, because it has been deleted in step 1.

Possible solution:
Remove the dead link to the appointment entry in the activity list, if it does not exist in the (birthday) calendar.