Deactivate sharing with everyone

I guess there are a lot of nc instances out there, where sharing with everyone is not really needed or even rather a source of problems, as people often click it by mistake.

I’d appreciate an option, to deactivate the possibility of sharing with everyone.

any thoughts?


Have you tried to check the options on the admin interface? You already can do it there.

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thanks for the hint!

still: which option do you mean?

I want to deactivate sharing with everyone, but still be able to share with groups. can’t identify that option…

edit: Restricting sharing to groups the users are part of is a way of achieving it, but not a dedicated way to remove the ‘everyone’ option by itself without further restricting…
well, it should serve our purpose.


You can restrict to share only within a group. Just to exclude to share with everybody, I don’t know (haven’t seen it in NC15). Perhaps there is a way to get around that with tagging and the fileaccess-control-app.

Or you move to different NC setups where you can more easily separate things. Sharing is still possible with federated sharing and you are more flexible if you want to expand services (move to different machines, …) but you have to maintain more setups.

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