DDNS with VLAN for home nextcloud?

My ISP seems to use VLAN. If I try to ping my WAN address (shown by my Google WiFi router) from other computer on internet, ping does not work. I believe they have not allowed forwarding/pinging VLAN address from outside.

I want to host a self-hosted Cloud using Raspberry Pi + NextCloud/ownCloud etc. I was planning to use DynamicDNS to associate WAN IP to a domain name, but if my WAN IP is VLAN and is hidden, what are my options?

Is there any self-hosted solution/software that will help in this case?

Tried to ping WAN IP, it didn’t work

If your router has disabled “Ping from WAN” it will also not reply. Pls clarify this first.

I think you mean NAT rather than VLAN. Is your WAN IP a RFC1918 address? If not, then you can do a packet capture on it to verify if inbound connections are being received.