DAVx5 Sync: No contact pictures


I use the recommended sync client DAVx5. After some hickups basic sync of contacts works.

However, contact pictures are not synced from phone to cloud.

There is an old thread from 2016 stating it basically works: Contacts app - sync contact pictures

However, here, no contact pictures are synced. When a contact is changed on the phone, I get the “broken contact” flag from Nextcloud, see Contacts app - sync contact pictures which is closed, but not fixed.

Any idea what can be the problem with the pictures?


Make sure that all contact pictures are in jpg format. Add a contact photo on the server and check if it is correctly synced to the client.

Ok, I use an app called WhatsApp Contact Photo Sync to set the contact pictures from the WhatsApp profile. I’m not sure how it saves the pictures, but also when I edit a contact on the phone, the picture set from this app is not shown. However, when I set a contact picture from the gallery, it works and is synced properly.

So the problem is caused by your 3rd party contact photo sync app, that’s fine. If you want to debug the problem, you can export a contact where a photo is not displayed to a vcf file and check its content with a text editor. The line of interest is starting with the key word “PHOTO”.