DAVx5 login flow not working on Android 12

I’m setting up my new Android 12 device (Pixel 6 Pro) and tried to use the DAVx5 integration. I have the Nextcloud app installed from the Google Play Store, and DAVx5 from F-Droid. I had this setup working on a previous device (Android 8.1).

Expected result: I click the “Sync Calendar and Contacts” option in settings, DAVx5 opens with the Nextcloud login flow.

Actual result: Clicking the “Sync Calendar and Contacts” option asks me to open either Google Play or F-Droid. Once in either app, I can open DAVx5 from there, but with no Nextcloud login flow, just the normal start screen.

Any advice?

Exact same issue here on Pixel 4 android 12, with either fdroid davx5 and nextcloud app or play store versions. Please fix this asap I can’t use davx5 otherwise.

Hi @AdamSzopa and @oohla2114

See here…


Looks like the problem is already fixed and the fix is merged to the upcoming version 18.3.1 of the app…