DavX5 (ex DavDroid) creates new devices for every sync

I don’t know if it’s a problem with NC or DavX5, or maybe this “problem” is actually a feature, so please excuse my ignorance.

Running NC 16.0.5 + the latest version of DavX. Every time DavX syncs something, a new device “DAVdroid 2.6 - x5” appears in NC (Personal > Security > Devices & sessions).

That is to say, Devices & sessions tab gets dozens of duplicated records every day, and it continues for months.

Can someone tell me if it’s an expected behavior, or a possible bug in IN or DavX itself?

You’re misinterpreting the displayed information. It is absolutely normal that you get the login information of your devices/accounts displayed in reverse chronical order in that view. If you’re using the app password only on one device, you should give that device a matching name, like “Android: DAVx5 app” or “Android phone of toxpal” so that you’re able to identify it. Additionally you should use at least one individual app password for each device, so if e.g. it is stolen you can easily delete the account.

Thank you for the explanation. However, may I ask why device MY_PHONE_NAME_AND_MODEL only appears in the list once, even if I use NC app every several seconds? But if I use DavX app, NC creates a new device for every single use.

The same applies to browser sessions - no matter how many times I access NC via browser, it also appears only once.

Thank you once again and sorry for extra questions, just want to be 100% sure how everything works.

Thats easy. If you access Nextcloud using your web browser, a session is initiated and kept open until you log-out so that only one entry is written. The next time you log-in a new entry is created. The Nextcloud desktop app handles a session exactly in the same way. DAVx5 initiates a session and instantly closes it (logs-out), right after the data has been synchronized. That’s the reason why you see more entries logged for DAVx5 than a web browser session etc.

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Thanks, all is clear now.

You’re probably using your username and password for DAVx5. Try to create a app password then.

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Yes, I use user/pass. Will create app password, thanks!

P.S. Just did it. Work great, no more hundreds of new session are created.

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As of today, this is still the way to do to keep a clean list of session & devices.
DAVx says it is simpler to connect through your Nextcloud App. It is, but it does not list correctly on sessions and devices list, even if you give it a name.

Going first to your cloud web page, to create app password is so much better. I’ve even done that to connect the Nextcloud App too. By keeping sessions and devices with app password you can revoke it easily if you want it.