DAVx5: Couldn't find CalDAV or CardDAV service


DAVx5 unable to setup Calendar and Contact sync - Couldn’t find CalDAV or CardDAV service


  • Nextcloud instance: Cloud01.Opsdata.Ch
  • Android 7.0
  • DAVx5 version (329)
  • Tried on both mobile data and WiFi

Actions done:

  • Have tried uninstalling and re-installing but still the same
  • Have tried setting the Contact sync procedure from Nextcloud app (Got to the stage of Cloud01 sign-in page and successful authentication but when fails after the “Configuration Detection” step)
  • Have also tried setting up directly from the DAVx5 app itself: Does not bring up the Cloud01 sign-in page, goes straight to “Configuration Detection” step then fails
  • Have tried various Base URL: With and without /remote.php/dav appended, extended Base URL with .../dav/addressbooks/users/<username>/contacts
  • Have tried disabling 2FA-TOTP momentarily but still the same

Linked is one of the debug log from DAVx5 when I try to setup the sync directly from the DAVx5 app: DAVx5_LOG

Can anyone advice any method to setup the sync through the DAVx5 or is there any resolution or alternative?

I get it work with URL https://my.domain.com/remote.php/dav/principals/users/USERNAME

I don’t know if it’s related but my NC instance is on OVH shared host : in most application, setting only https://my.domain.com/remote.php/dav/ does not work but full url with principals/users/USERNAME works much better

also, for webdav connexion, like with wincp, working url is https://my.domain.com/remote.php/webdav/

it’s quite messy… take me a lot of search, trials and errors to make everything works as expected (files, calendar and contact)

if u r still searching for a solution
enable (less secure apps) in google account settings
it will work


I have the same problem. But I cannot use the Gmail solution because I leave Google.

For this I work on NextCloud but for tasks, contact and Calendar I try to connect as is describ here but nothing appen… I try to enter the credential by myself and still nothing.

I also try in Evolution and it’s the same.

I try to delete and install again the app Nextcloud and Davx5… still nope…

I try every part with different adress:

https:/ /mynextclouddomain.com
https:/ /mynextclouddomain.com/remote.php/dav

If someone have any idea, I keep trying… the picture are here

Thank :wink:

Sur Nextcloud, dans contact, j’ai cliqué sur “paramètres”, créé un carnet d’adresse, clic bouron de droite sur le nouveau carnet d’adresses, cliqué sur “copier le lien” que j’ai entré sur davx. La synchronisation marche entre nextcloud et les contacts de mon téléphone.
Ensuite, dans “importer” sur votre téléphone, vous pouvez choisir votre carnet d’adressses DAVx pour importer les adresses sur nextcloud.
Bonne chance