DAVx5: Couldn't find CalDAV or CardDAV service


DAVx5 unable to setup Calendar and Contact sync - Couldn’t find CalDAV or CardDAV service


  • Nextcloud instance: Cloud01.Opsdata.Ch
  • Android 7.0
  • DAVx5 version (329)
  • Tried on both mobile data and WiFi

Actions done:

  • Have tried uninstalling and re-installing but still the same
  • Have tried setting the Contact sync procedure from Nextcloud app (Got to the stage of Cloud01 sign-in page and successful authentication but when fails after the “Configuration Detection” step)
  • Have also tried setting up directly from the DAVx5 app itself: Does not bring up the Cloud01 sign-in page, goes straight to “Configuration Detection” step then fails
  • Have tried various Base URL: With and without /remote.php/dav appended, extended Base URL with .../dav/addressbooks/users/<username>/contacts
  • Have tried disabling 2FA-TOTP momentarily but still the same

Linked is one of the debug log from DAVx5 when I try to setup the sync directly from the DAVx5 app: DAVx5_LOG

Can anyone advice any method to setup the sync through the DAVx5 or is there any resolution or alternative?

I get it work with URL https://my.domain.com/remote.php/dav/principals/users/USERNAME

I don’t know if it’s related but my NC instance is on OVH shared host : in most application, setting only https://my.domain.com/remote.php/dav/ does not work but full url with principals/users/USERNAME works much better

also, for webdav connexion, like with wincp, working url is https://my.domain.com/remote.php/webdav/

it’s quite messy… take me a lot of search, trials and errors to make everything works as expected (files, calendar and contact)

if u r still searching for a solution
enable (less secure apps) in google account settings
it will work