DAVDroid equivalent for windows?

I love DavDroids ability to grab all my calendars and contacts and quickly sync them all up with my phone. I’m looking for a similarly quick and easy way to do the same on a PC.

My org. often uses complex repeating events (repeat on the third Thursday) which won’t be supported until version 1.7 at the earliest on the web app. This works on android without problem, but I’m needing a simple solution for PC since not all of our workers are that up to speed with smart phones.

I’ve tried out Thunderbird with lightning, but I have to import each calendar individually, which would be a pain for 50 people to do for 20+ calendars. Is there a simpler way to import all a nextcloud user’s calendars?


I don’t use Windows, so please correct me if i’m wrong, but if you don’t want to use Thunderbird Lightning, then this leaves you pretty much no alternative to Outlook, right?

There is an Outlook CalDAV plugin that allows you to connect Outlook to Nextcloud: https://nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-offers-caldav-synchronizer-for-outlook-users/


I use this app - one way from Outlook to Nextcloud - works well.


I would also suggest caldav-synchronizer for outlook or you “simply” add your NC server as a new E-Mail & App Profile (and activate synch for calendar and contacts only) under Windows. That way you can use the Windows Apps calendar and contacts.

afaik caldav-sync only works with outlook.
is it supporting TB as well now? that would be swell!

i mean i have it installed to my windows-machine here and it’s running greatly. but only with outlook (2010, in my case)

for TB/lightning i use sogo-connector for contacts. and maybe it’s working for calendars as well, i haven’t checked it

I don’t think so. I believe it was created specifically to bring the webDAV feature to Outlook.

Therefor caldav-synchronizer for Outlook and sogo-connector (or another plugin) for Thunderbird.

i think so as well.

so as @Josiah_Narwold was only referring to TB/lightning i think caldav-synchronizer is out of the game here. :wink:

Actually, I’m looking for any simple solution. I’m actually not a fan of
Thunderbird. These solutions for outlook wouldn’t work with the built in
calendar app in Windows 10 would they?

no afaik caldav-synch wouldnt work with said app.

but you could try and exchange calendars directly… i found a hint that you should tell cal-app that oyu wanna setup an icloud-calendar and then enter your nc-URLs…


Maybe late but you can do it, check here


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Thanks for the help, but this solution won’t work for us since our usernames are not e-mail addresses. If having this becomes absolutely critical, then I could change the usernames, but it isn’t at that level of necessity yet.

It works with usernames and non-existing mailaccounts as well, I tried it with account names similar to user and user@nomailhere.org.

A far better approach is to use Z-Push which works as an intermediary between Windows and Nextcloud by converting Caldav to Activesync basically: