Datatype of IDs for ActivityLog database table

So we ( stumbled upon a possible Problem and wanted to ask if someone had this Problem as well before and how to fix it:
A customer of our has got quite a lot of data, subjected to many changes over time. This led to the fact of the table of activity log becoming quite big.
We know that we can decrease the timespan for which the logs are saved, and we did that. But then we also realized that the ID of that table is an INTEGER, meaning that several hundred million entries lead to quite high numbers ob IDs. Due to the fact that the ID column has got auto increment enabled, this will soon lead to an integer overflow.
We know that MariaDB saves the highest used number somewhere internally, so that even deleting Entries does not reset the ID’s highest number. Of course, we could “simply” issue a DROP TABLE and recreate that table, but this does not seem very viable to do for multiple customers.
Is there a way to reset the ID or increase the data type of this column without possibly breaking things, due to ORM issues, etc?