Databases Questions

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:
its possible to change database ! to another database and another user
cuz i already and changed them in config.php
and i after reload page i got internal 500 error !

Unfortunately your posting doesn’t contain any valuable information. Please be more precise, fill in the support template and describe IN DETAIL which database you are currently using and to which database you want to switch. Please be AS PRECISE AS POSSIBLE in your description so that an answer can be provided.

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Thanks for your replay
Im using
Ubuntu 20.4
Nextcloud : 24.6
Mysql server
I was testing installition on vps so i made every thing in default
Like : database mysql, database name nextcloud… Ect
So i was just change user of localhost of mysql database and another name of database

  • i already create database name new also user
  • after i edit config.php and i add new database name and user, i restart apache server
    I got error 501 internal error
    So i need to change just names in same mysql database
    Thanks :relaxed:

And what is the problem? Wrong authentication for database? Connection problem, …

If you don’t change the database type (not exactly sure if all changes are possible) but just the database name or a different host, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.

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