Data missing from Nextcloud

Recently we had an outage where multiple users reported that their Nextcloud data was missing. Some we managed to restore from trashbin and others from our backup. However, the incident is very odd. We have found out the things below:

  1. It happened between 4:09 AM to 11:00 AM on that day.
  2. No logs regarding the deletion found in user account. Retention deletion shows as remote-user deleted the file.
  3. No suspicious activity.
  4. No activity found in syslogs and no events logs concerns

Today another user reported missing data where we found our data drive was unmounted. Mounting the drive brings the data back but the user reported that a media file inside of folder was missing which was visible on server side.

NXC version: 27.1.4

Can you please assist us in identifying what the issue might be here?

Please post details to your settings. Normally datadirectory includes all of Nextcloud and not single user data. Or is it a problem with External Storage e.g. SMB/CIFS?

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