Data Migration in queue for 24 hours

Hi, I have started import of data migration and have still this after 24 Hours.



Any Idea How to solve this and get import working.

You can try to check the logfiles if there are errors. You can then also start the cronjob from command-line (then you have some output but you should consider that it might run for some time). The command should be something like (user might vary):
sudo -u www-data php -f cron.php

How big was your export?

Does there appear to be any server activity on the NC server? I.e. CPU usage

What do the logs indicate on the NC server?

THX for taking care

When I run the command, I get:
root@nextcloud ~# sudo -u www-data php -f cron.php
Could not open input file: cron.php
root@nextcloud ~#

How to Solve?


But I think the problem is:

sometimes it’ OK but now not!

You have to be in the main folder of your Nextcloud setup.

THX But I do not understand what you mean?

When I start the import - where do I have to go aftewards?

You try to execute the cron.php file, but the file is not in the folder where you are currently. It must be the main nextcloud folder (like /var/www/nextcloud), it depends where you have put it.