Data Migration App

I think an official app or server feature (If I learn to develop I’ll do it myself but that could take a long while) that can facilitate and allow a partial, incremental or complete data and/or server migration to a new location, after installation would be most useful and helpful.

In my case I installed and configured Nextcloud in /var/www/nextcloud. Once it was up and running after lots of learning and some customization to make others happy I realized that the way it was to be used was to access, download and share several terabytes of static historical-data.

My issue is that the data to be added far exceeds the disk capacity of the server. Now I am going to have to choose either a complete reload of Nextcloud, which I really don’t want to do or follow this…: Howto: Change / Move data directory after installation - …and again I really don’t want to do this either, but I’m going to have too.

I believe that an app or a server feature like this that can support, and at least mostly automate, the migration of a Nextcloud installation to a new drive would be extremely useful and helpful.

Thanks for reading and I hope someone finds this relevant and useful.

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