Data isnt stored on defined HDD in config.php


i am actually installing my nextcloud the first time. Nextcloud is running on a LXC created by Proxmox. The problem that i have, is that the uploaded files arent stored on my HDD. They are always stored on the SSD where nextcloud is stored.

I created in Proxmox an mounting ponit: /home/data/
df -h tells me, that the HDD is mounted as /home/data/
In the config.php under /var/www/nextcloud/config the line ‘datadirectory’ => ‘home/data/’ is set.

But if i am coping data to the nextcloud i can see that the available storage of the SSD, where nextcloud is stored decreases and not the available storage of the HDD.

What am i doing wrong?

That is a relative path. Add a / at the beginning of the path:

'datadirectory’ => '/home/data/'

thanks for the fast answer, but the bad news ist, that i simply forgot to copy the / while creating the topic. So in the config.php is written:

'datadirectory' => '/home/data/',

Any other ideas? Is it maybe an problem, that the HDD has the zfs Filesystem an not ext4 as the SSD?

Can you actually see and access /home/data/ inside the container?

If so try creating a folder /home/data/ncdata and give ownership to www-data. Then edit config.php to reflect new path.

That does not make it available automatically inside the LXC container.

my mistake. It only tooks time till the data ist on the hdd