Data Export/Import Feature

Hi Is this a tool I can use to migrate data from a instance using mariadb to a new instance using postgresql?

Also, where is it? is this an app that I can’t seem to search for? Im on NC 25.0.4


The app is User migration (video). On my Nextcloud 25.0.4 installation i can search the app. But the app is more an app to migrate one (the own) user instance. What is your goal? If you want to migrate a server you can read this documentation. If you only want move data for one user you can also use a Nextcloud client. Then watch this video.

I think for a single user with User migration and video linked above no issue. Only an issue if you want to migrate the whole Nextcloud instance. Then you must dump MariaDB and import in PostgreSQL. It is part of backup/restore linked in above documentation.

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Ok so not what I am after. That migration document is what i am after however I am on a mariadb instance, going to a new postgresql instance built from hannsit scripts. Which i dont think i’ll be able to complete. If it was mariadb to mariadb i’d be ok, unless im mistaken on it being difficult?

Unfortunately it is a misconception to simply apply any scripts to be a good administrator of a software like Nextcloud. You also need your own knowledge at the latest when the instructions do not work. I recommend you to practice the migration on test systems until you understand all the functions. Alternatively, you might want to consider whether a Managed Nextcloud might not be the safer alternative.

You’re assuming I haven’t been practicing? Are you this rude in real life?

I can do the migration, fully migrating the nextcloud root folder from my nc to another nc with same lamps config as its called. Done it a lot while maintaining and works lovely thanks. Now i would like to use hannsits instance as its obvoiusly a lot better than mine with securities i am TRYING to learn about.

What i am failing at though, is getting assistance with how to migrate from a mariadb to postgresql databse? (question mark meaning its the answer i am looking for)

If you’re not going to help, why have you replied with that crap?