Data directory snap installation

So, I’ve been trying to change the location of the data files from nextcloud snap installation on a 18.04 Ubuntu server, basically i’ve followed the steps on some previous posts, but they all address to changing the location to a removable device, wich isn’t my case and after the steps all I got was a internal server error. I have a big partition in wich i want to have all the data in there.

What i’ve tryed is changing the config.php so the “datadirectory” is set to the desired partition. (

Is is possible? Is there any way I can change it?

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There is a section in the wiki of the nextcloud-snap. I never tried it myself, but I guess this should work:

I’ve already tryed that, got Internal Server error, not sure if it was because of the permissions in the data folder i wanted, then I gave the folder ‘777’ permission,
and after doing just like the post i got this message:

Aiee I have the same problem.

I installed nextcloud by snap, not realizing that by default it stores data in the root partition (!bad default!!).

I have tried BOTH suggestions on this page:

The first one didn’t work because that value was overwritten at some point; the data ended up in the same place in /var/snap.

The second one has left me with the Internal Server Error described by pberton.

@pberton: did you solve this? Submit a bug report?