Dashboard time incorrect


Was wondering where is the Dashboard taking the time from
I installed Nextcloud in Dockerwith Nginx, everything works very well however the time on my Dashboard is off by many hours.
I have tried to fix it with this:

  • edited the php ini date and Timezone>> no go
    -passed the TZ to the Docker corresponding to my actual location>> no go
    -checked the Time on the server and made sure is synced and the NTP is correctly syncing>>no go

I have no idea where else I could look or change.
Can anyone point me to the right direction ?
Thank you

ummm… I always saw it as a weatherforecast… because if I wanna know how the weather is outside just now I would look out of the window :wink:

btw: welcome to the community forum of nextcloud. nice that you’re here.

Thank you! Nice to be here,

Ok so it is not the time then? If that’s the case it is a bit confusing :rofl:
I saw it as a “greeting” You log in and you are presented with the current time and weather
What confused me was the "at “insert time”. As in now the weather is -7 at current time
Currently here we are in the AM and the Dashboard tells me the weather later in the PM.
I guess I simply misunderstood. Thought it would be showing the current time .
Anyways…No biggie. I was just going in circles :smiley:

Thank you for the clarification

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I dunno if it was meant like that… I just took it that way. :smiley_cat:


All good. I do appreciate you taking the time and give your input! :+1:
We shall see if anyone else has another take .

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Have you checked the region setting in your Nextcloud personal settings?

I would gladly do that but I cannot find anything in any of the menus.

Settings > Personal > Personal Info > Locale

Thank you
The dropdown menu is already set to the appropriate language and funnily enough the time beside it looks good.
Now what is showing on the Dashboard is a mystery :slight_smile:

To reference the “issue” on GitHub: Wrong time in weather widget · Issue #23399 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

It’s a forecast. It tells you the weather at x o clock.

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