Dashboard/Recommended Files/no Files shown from Groupfolders

Actually we use a lot of group folders to share documents.
In the new dashboard NC20 there is an widgets with “recommended files”. Really cool.
This widgets doesn’t show changed/added files from groupfolders.

It shows only changed/added files from user file location.

Or is there any other widgets which supports this?



I don’t mean to bring up an old post but was also wondering about the same thing. I’ve not found a dashboard widget that will do this, and it’s not in the current Recommended files either. Has anyone seen one that will show a list of folders we pick?

Apparently the recommended files are the same ones, that appear in the “Recent” section of the files section (see also Files in groupfolders are never shown as recommended · Issue #341 · nextcloud/recommendations · GitHub).
So the recent files API is the problem here. I would also be grateful for a solution here, it would be really helpful to include groupfolders here (which are a key part of using Nextcloud as a groupware).

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