Dashboard in 20.0.0 Beta 1

I have version 20 beta 1 installed on a test system. After login, I am automatically redirected to the new dashboard page. Can I disable this feature, or is there a setting to select the default page? I would like to have the files page as default.


I think one of the apps can change the default landing page after login. Not sure if that would do it.

Perhaps you can set in config/config.php:

/* Default app to load on login */
“defaultapp” => “files”,



Thank you! That works and solves the problem for me. However, I think this should be a setting for each user, as users tend to have different preferences.

Ok. Perhaps you can open an issue at Github? Or perhaps it is a new feature. Is the dashboard default only for admins or also normal users? Perhaps you can test it.

Hello, the same for me. I was looking for disabling the useless dashboard and I was buffled that I cannot do this. For many users it is much better to go to files app directly without extra unnecesary clicks to bypass the advertisement page with randomly selected contents (the new dashboard).
Changing in PHP is not a good option. It should be in preferences.

So please file an issue as recommended.

Duplicate post. See Nextcloud update pain - #13 by Marcin_Gosiewski

Closing this thread as it is about Beta 1 of NC20. See dashboard app section for further discussion.