Dashboard for Nextcloud by flost and Holger (was: Anyone in for an Overview / Dashboard / Start page app?)

Hey everyone,

this post started with asking for a dashboard app (below you can find my original post). This wonderful app already exists, programmed by flost but was abandoned recently and thus not working under OC or NC 9. Afellow forum member of here, @Holger_Dehnhardt, meanwhile took it upon himself to rework the existing solution
( http://apps.owncloud.com/content/show.php/dashboard+(looking+for+maintainer)?content=160265 ) and accordingly it was time to rededicate this thread in his favour :slight_smile:

So big thanks go out to the original author Florian (flost) and the new maintainer Holger. If you feel the urge to show your appreciation why not like his post below

Installing the Dashboard app for Nextcloud:

  • Nextcloud Dashboard has a git repository at GitHub - dehnhardt/nc_dashboard: Dashboard for Nextcloud - based on Work from Florian Steffens
  • Download the master.zip from there.
  • Upload it to your server and extract the archive.
  • Make sure to copy or move ONLY directory /dashboard/ from the master.zip to /Path/to/Nextcloud/apps directory
  • Activate the app in your Apps Section of your Nextcloud instance. Please be aware, that the app is under heavy development and marked as “experimental”. Hence, you’ll find the app in the according section.

Please feel free to ask any question in this support thread. If you find any issues or problems, why not directly open an issue here: Issues · dehnhardt/nc_dashboard · GitHub

Thanks for listening,

John, No.1 fan of this app :wink:

Hey everyone,

I’m pretty sure, most of view have known or at least are aware of this wonderful dashboard app for owncloud: http://apps.owncloud.com/content/show.php/dashboard+(looking+for+maintainer)?content=160265
Much to my regret it is abandoned by now and dies not work for OC/NC 9+

I was wondering, whether this might not be something worth to be considered as a feature for Nextcloud.

While I agree that in the latest version it has served MY purpose as a plugin for a PIM well, it might as well be useful for Nextcloud’s core target of “sharing and syncing as much as possible” (hope, I did get that right ;-))

A dashboard like this, in regards to Nextclouds target could be displaying

  • recently shared files the logged in users have been granted access to
  • same for photos
  • incorporate with the Activity app to show these
  • Announcements made by admin and/or other users
  • latest mails (if you decide to keep it)
  • bookmarks (as suggested here: Integrated bookmark app / Startpage)

What’d you all think? Feel free to like the post or reply to show support or add your thoughts :wink:


Edit: added “bookmarks” as suggestion in order to reference Integrated bookmark app / Startpage


Would love to see this.

Reminds me of an old, now-discontinued Google product that I can’t remember the name of… it was somthing like Google Home, or iGoogle or Google Homepage or something. Still, I like the idea. It’s always struck me as a little strange that by default the most relevant information we could share when users first logged in was just a list of files in their home folder, rather than the latest happenings relevant to their account.

Yes! Please and thank you to the eventual maintainer :smile:

A little Design suggestion:
creating a dashboard app which includes certain information will always bring the discussion that x and z are missing and the DB-Developer will always run after every new app.

I think it will be interesting to construct “just” a framework with a kind of tiles/sectors where information can be added.
the content to be added has to be delivered by the source app developers.

e.g. every app developer can provide an predefined API-/plugin if he is interested. it has to be part of the app-itself (e.g. as a template/)
The Dashboard-config then searches the app-folders for available plugins that can be reused.

As soon as the DB-Framework is available, 20 App-Devs can start running and the content can be delivered quickly. much quicker than a hand full of Dashboard-Developers goint one after the other.



@z000ao8q Sounds like an efficient approach to me. Thanks for bringing this up!

The dashboard app @John linked, implements such a framework, which other apps can hook into. Take a look at this talk from the conf of last year:


Thanks for pointing this out @Henni. So it looks like, a profound base, upon which one can build the app, is there already. Any chance we will see that being ported to (and/or moved into) Nextcloud?

Did anyone habe a look alteady why it is not working?
Perhaps just the versions in the XML?

I did try to install it prior to posting here, and yes, first thing due is setting the max_version up to 9x.

That said, I didn’t manage to get it working for me, but I’m running on PHP 7 while the app has a php max version of 5.6. (simply raising this version string to 7x was to no avail either obviously)

So if anyone on PHP 5.6 wants to give it a try: the download link you find if you follow the link in my first post redirects but still works.

Make sure to test “Version 2 beta”, as version 1 was not build on the framework mentioned earlier.

why not? what did happen? if the developer used some of the depreciated modules (which should not be very likely), it should come up in the php-log pretty easy

Unfortunately I don´t have much time myself now, as I am focusing my limited knowledge on the MP3 app.

What happens is: nothing :smiley:
I activate the app, reload the page and the button switches back to “deactivated”. period.

The only thing noticeable I can find is

ErrorPHPopendir(/tmp): failed to open dir: Permission denied at /www/htdocs/w00fb54d/nc/lib/private/tempmanager.php#187

(directory and file in question are chmodded to 755 alright)

Edit: small update:

I toyed around a bit more and found out:

  • activating PHP module 5.6 has no impact whatsoever on the app: it still does not start-up or anything else.
  • app NEEDS to be named “dashboard” I guess. If I rename the folder accordingly, Nextcloud fails to load completely! Though it is a turn for the worse (compared to “nothing happens”) it is a sign of ANYTHING happening gg

how did you get it activated?
i downloaded the 1.6.2; put it in apps; renamed the folder to “dashboard” and ran “occ app:enable dashboard”

I only get a

No app name specified

but the xml - ID equals the folder name. don´t get it…

I obviously managed to mislead you here. Sorry.

Actually I did NOT manage to activate the app. I clicked the according Button in Apps, and the button changed to activate, while actually nothing happened as I was able to tell when, after reload the app still offered “activate”.

Was that less confusing?


Got it
So i am a step further :wink:
I think it might be just an issue with the XML

…just finishing my MP3 App - now playing not only MP3.
Then i can have a look - and provide an MP3 dasboard tile right away :wink:

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Lucky me, as I of course screwed my post up… :joy: the button changed to DEactivate ofc, as I tried to activate the app… but it seems you have guessed that alright already…

Far more important is what you just said! Keeping my fingers crossed you can come up with some sort of solution. Thanks anyway for trying and your time spent therefore. :+1::+1:

Much appreciated!

cozycloud has a very nice interface!

I downloaded the beta version and had an error in appinfo/app.php. I had to change OC_L10N::get(‘dashboard’)->t(‘Dashboard’) to ‘name’ => \OC::$server->getL10N(‘dashboard’)->t(‘Dashboard’) and of course the version information in info.xml.
Now the app is loaded without errors - but is empty.

That might be because no application ist providing to the dashboard…?!?


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I was playing around with the dashboard app yesterday and found another bug in the code. In my opinion it would be the best to check in the code in some repository.
Does anyone know, if it’s possible to put it in the nextcloud repository? Where are the nextcloud apps usually hosted?


Empty Dashboard: as you mention later, there must be something else wrong as well. The default dashboard shows several pre configured info boxes such as an analog clock.

A dedicated app store for Nextcloud is still in the works (see Nextcloud appstore). As for the (continuing) developing of a dashboard app, it might be moved to https://github.com/nextcloud IF the responsible staff decides to offer such a dashboard thingy app :wink: