Dashboard - default settings for all users

I use Nextcloud 20.0.x for my group. I would like set same dashboard for all my current users:

  • same background, no status, no weather, no button for modify dashboard
  • only recent files for all

How can I configure it?
Thanks, JR


I‘m interested. I search also for administrating user or groups in backend. I would like to give every user or group the same calender or contacts managed by admin.

Your issue is different than the topic title. Open another one and search GitHub/Forum before.

Not possible at the moment AFAIK.

@rakekniven Do you know if this has already been added to the roadmap? Do you think it would make sense to open a Github issue as feature request?

I don’t know.

Yes, please see existing issues before filing a new one.

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Thank you for reaching back, I couldn’t find any duplicates.


This is missing in GitHub issue. Intention or coincidence?

Hey there,

I also wanted to customize the widgets, which are displayed by default. My solution goes as follows:

You have to manipulate “DashboardController.php”, located in “/var/www/nextcloud/apps/dashboard/lib/Controller” or something similar.

Somewhere in the middle there is the function “public function index(): TemplateResponse” within it you’ll find the variable " $systemDefault = (…)", there the very last string, right before the closing parantheses, has the names of the apps, which’s widget should be displayed by dafault. There you can put in the name of the apps you want to display on default.
I found that for it to work, you have to take the same name as the according directory for the app is named in “var/www/nextcloud/apps”. So for “announcements” you have to put in “announcementcenter”; for “talk” you have to put in “spreed” and so on.

I’m not quite sure how to handle Apps which can display multiple widgets like mail. But for you it should be enough to delete the other app-names from the string.

To disable weather a few lines below you can set “[‘weather’ => false]” instead of “true”

I don’t know how to disable the status or the edit button, but I would imagine that this would be able in a similar manner. Maybe you can play around a bit and find the right lines to edit. If you have any progress I will be happy to hear it from you.

Maybe I should note that this solution, at least as far as I can see it, only works for new users who haven’t logged in for the first time.

I’m running Nextcloud 21.0.0 and Dashboard 7.1.0

I hope you found this information useful, maybe you already found another solution



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Hello Team,

I’m also looking to have within Nextcloud Settings the ability to set the default widgets my employees see when they login to Nextcloud.

I’ve been digging into Github and found the following post and thought I would share with the forum.

The OCC command can be used to set the default widgets for users:

How do I set their dashboards, i.e. set default dashboard for all users

occ user:setting myUser dashboard layout --delete` (to reset a user’s setting to system default)

occ user:setting myUser dashboard layout ‘welcome,spreed’` (to set an explicit user setting)

If you have direct DB access to issue an SQL query: DELETE FROM oc_preferences WHERE appid='dashboard' AND configkey='layout' (to reset all users’ custom configs)

I’m still preferring to have within my Settings the ability as an Admin to set the widgets I want users/groups to see when they login and view their Dashboard. But I’ll test out the occ commands on my test Nextcloud and see how it goes.