Dashboard background is shortened after enabling of radio app

Radio is not installed

  1. Select dashboard of NC 20.0.4
  2. See background image is covering all space of browser window. Resizing of it makes no difference
  3. Install radio app
  4. Bottom area of window is white, below any widgets.
  5. Removing radio app brings back previous design.

NC: 20.0.4
Radio app version: 1.0.1

@onny Thank you for taking a look.

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Thanks for the info, I’ll have a look into it!

Upgraded to 20.0.5 and enabled your app.
Listen to some radio and behaviour is the same.

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Hello @onny,

just seen recent release v1.0.2 · onny / nextcloud-app-radio · GitLab

Did you had the chance to check the issue?

Hi everyone
I’ve got the same “problem” since 20.0.5 with widgets

THe dashbord background image doesn’t fill the screen (white half screen below half of image) , and it’s worse with no widget
When I turn on “calendar” , or “reddit news” or others, the image fills the entire screen from top to bottom …

Not a “big problem” but I like my dashboard with this new look and just weather :wink:

Thank you

3 screen shot to illustrate

Still have to figure it out, not yet fixed :frowning: