Dashboard Announcement Widget keeps spinning - Not showing announcements

Nextcloud Version - 20.0.2
Dashboard - 7.0.0

Hello Nextcloud Support Team,

I’ve upgraded my Nextcloud to the latest version and I’m using the new Dashboard app. I’ve added the Announcements Widget for myself and our employees to use. I’m the Admin for our Nextcloud Server.

On my Dashboard the Announcements work. Announcements I create I see on the widget in my dashboard.

But my employees cannot see the announcements I’m writing. Their Announcement widget keeps spinning or loading. I’m including a screenshot of what they see.


Is there a setting I’ve configured improperly that would not allow this widget to work?

I have confirmed that the announcement icon at the top left of the page near the user name does work for my employees. When I send an announcement they do receive a notification and there is red dot on the bell icon. So announcements seem to be working. Just the announcement widget is having trouble.

Thank you.

Hi greavette,

Nextcloud Version - 20.0.4
Dashboard - 7.0.0

I have been experiencing the exact same issue is there any update on a solution to this?


Thanks in advance.

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No reply yet @TechAddicts so I’ve opened an issue on github:

Hopefully a dev will see this issue and find a resolution for us. I see a great use for the Dashboard and especially the Announcements Widget!

I have the same problem (NC 20.0.5, App 4.0.0). Widget only spinning for all users.
Thank you.

I noticed the issue in connection to Calendar. A new Browser Window opens and the spinning wheel never stops. All users.

However, works in Firefox and Edge.

Browser = Chrome
NextCloud 21.0.1
Ubuntu, MySQL8, |Operating System:|Linux 5.4.0-73-generic x86_64|
| — | — |
|CPU:|Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 5120 CPU @ 2.20GHz (2 cores)|
PHP = 7.4.8