Dark mode theme issues

Hey folks, how are you?

I hope this is not a duplicate post but i searched and scrolled up to a couple years back and did not manage to find an topic about this.

When using dark mode theme on some sections of the forums the text is unreadable or very heavy on the eye.

The font colour is grey and when in dark mode it is very hard to read. On the screenshot you can notice a big difference with white font vs grey font.

There are also other sections of the forums where you can not even see the text but i gotta go to my laptop to post screenshot. Ill add them later.

Is this something that can be solved by adding other themes which might have a better dark mode or there is the need to modify the actual theme?

I am not sure if i can contribute or how but if somone can point me in the right direction i can do some research.

Thank you!