Daily builds are out! Testing welcome!

I just enabled daily builds for our Nextcloud 9 release, you can get them at https://download.nextcloud.com/server/daily/ in ZIP and TAR format.

Any testing is utmost welcome! If you find issues please file them at https://github.com/nextcloud/server or leave a comment here! :slight_smile:


Is it already possible to run upgrades/updates from owncloud-installations? All versions or just OC 9.0?

8.2 and 9.0 should work.

Technically yes, we will publish some guides as well as automated tools for that in the near future. At the moment we don’t have any automated approach.

As others asked me what is new in this daily build:

  1. An auditing app is now included (check your app settings)
  2. It is now possible to have “Upload only” shares, just share a folder publicly, allow upload and select the “Hide file listing”.
  3. A security hardening, testing with clients would be utmost appreciated.
  4. Theming

Probably some more that I just forgot about :wink:

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Great news. Will give this a try.

nice! And now how is the way to can it update? Must i do it manual with a files copy or over a updateoption? I think for the tests of the daily builds.


will you provide VM images as well for testing?

@enoch85 ^^^

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just upgraded my testsystem from ownCloud 9.0.1 … works like charm :slight_smile:


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If interested, I’ll submit my Docker Images of todays testing build, i686 & RPI / ARM.

@alfred @oparoz

I don’t have so much time on my hands right now, sorry. But it’s really just a matter of changing these lines: https://github.com/nextcloud/vm/blob/master/nextcloud_install_production.sh#L250-L257

Just installed the daily on my personal server. Just had to run that git command for the 3rdparty activation, and it just works.

I use ownCloud v9.1.0 Beta 2, so I can´t install. But I think parallel is no problem, so I make a new installation with a autoconfig such

<?php $AUTOCONFIG = array( "dbtype" => "mysql", "dbname" => "owncloud", "dbuser" => "xxxxx", "dbpass" => "xxxxx", "dbhost" => "localhost", "dbtableprefix" => "oc_", "adminlogin" => "xxxxx", "adminpass" => "xxxxx", "directory" => "/volume1/web/owncloud/data", ); Instead I use <?php $AUTOCONFIG = array( "dbtype" => "mysql", "dbname" => "nextcloud", "dbuser" => "xxxxx", "dbpass" => "xxxxx", "dbhost" => "localhost", "dbtableprefix" => "nc_", "adminlogin" => "xxxxx", "adminpass" => "xxxxx", "directory" => "/volume1/web/nextcloud/data", ); is this okay ?

@alfred @oparoz

I took some time to finish the VM anyway. You can download it from here https://github.com/nextcloud/vm/releases soon.

Happy Nextclouding!


Also updated my ownCloud (9.0.2) installation earlier today, which worked totally fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for the VM. Your efforts are appreciated!

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I also tested my home instance and it worked really nicely :slight_smile:

I just installed the daily snapshot as of 14th June 9:53 from scratch. Worked like charme.

Something that might be of interest for others as well: the owncloud app “direct_menu 0.8.0” ( https://github.com/juliushaertl/direct_menu ) seems to work just fine: app icons appear on top bar but nextcould design is preserved.

Happy for now :slight_smile:

Edit: added link and “edit” section

Everything worked out of the box?

I have two instances I will be testing soon. Any special considerations for Centos builds?