Customize URI for files sharing

Hi, guys!!
How to change URL http://my_server/nextcloud/s/IU9Sb7j26emZTVG to http://my_server/nextcloud/s/UploadFolder at “Shared link” field?
I need to make URL static (use nextcloud as anonymous file uploader without list catalog) and “userfriendly” (needs for send this url to external clients).

thanks a lot!

P.S. use nextcloud 10.0.1(stable)

Have you tried ?

That’s what i needed. Thanks a lot, sorry to disturb )

To maintain valid links, here is the Github repos : Share Renamer releases

Link doesn’t work. It gives 404. Can you provide the working link? Does it work with Nextcloud 12?

@drdrake thanks for pointing this, I’m just discovering it. “fcturner” has vanished :confused:

See theses links :