Customize Share Link Web Site

Dear Nextcloud team,
I was wondering if it is possible to customize web site which appears when we share link with customers.
Or is it possible to customize only visualization of this site?

Thanks for recommendations.

Kindly Reminding

Can you explain your question?
I think you can only use theming to configure your whole Nextcloud for your users and also your customers.

Or do you search ShareRenamer to modify the url of the share?

Actually we already tried Theming.
We can only change background picture for password protected file share.
For the standard file share it is only possible to change background color between white and black. It is not possible to add background photo to standard file share (none password protected).

Maybe you like the app Splash.
Also look here.

Dear Devnull,
Thanks for your respond.
Splash seems to be used for password protected file share links. Not standard file share link.
And another link already checked. No result :frowning:

I do not fully understand your problem.
If you share something (folder or file) i think there is no reason for e.g. a background.
But you can customize the top (logo and/or color). Also in the buttom the name of your Nextcloud.
What do you really need? Can you post an example?
Can you draw a picture of how it should look?

Dear Devnull,
We want to make advertisment of company while sharing file. To do so, we need to prepare background photo which includes some completed project photos.

Any possibility?

You can use the app CustomCSS to manipulate the css: > #app-content
    background-image: url("path/to/yours.png");