Customize NextCloud module

I want to customize user management module as mine. So that I acknowledge that I need to build a NextCloud server. I have some questions below. I tried to research for answers but my problem still couldn’t be resolved.

  1. From System requirements — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation, I can see that the required OS is Linux. So how can I install in Windows 11? Is it related to Docker?
  2. I use PostgreSQL to create database. But where is the data actually stored? At my physical computer or NextCloud?
  3. Since my computer has become a server, will the system work normally if I turn it off?

Why there is no one here.

To run Nextcloud you need a certain Know-How. You didn’t learn Windows in a day, but rather over weeks, months or years. With Linux and/or Nextcloud is it the same.

First of all, I would like to give you the tip to create a Nextcloud account somewhere on the Internet. These are available for little money or for free. Write in which country you live or send me a PN with your country. Maybe I can give you a tip for a provider. Also you can test Nextcloud at . There you can get a 60 minutes account. If you store the link in the email for registration you can create a new 60 minute account with the link again and again.

But you can better create a free account in the internet. You can use it for testing and you don’t have to upload any confidential data.

Sorry i never uses WSL on Windows. But please watch this video.

Sorry no real idea if you use WSL. But you can configure Sqlite instead. Sqlite is a database in only one file and more for test issues. Maybe you can use it for one user for your first installation to test Nextcloud.

The terms server and client are nonsense. A server only provides a service. If you turn off your windows, WSL and also Nextcloud will be terminated.

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The account you said is the one I used for NextCloud server, isn’t it? I live in Vietnam.

Nextcloud GmbH “only” manage the Nextcloud project and is not a Nextcloud hoster. But the Nextcloud GmbH offers 60 minutes Nextcloud test accounts (good performance, newest Nextcloud version, Nextcloud Office).

Unfortunately i have no recommendation for Vietnam.
Here are some providers around the world: GitHub - nextcloud/providers: community-maintained list of Nextcloud providers

I want to create a small HR application and my mentor introduces me NextCloud and Docker. From researching on the Internet, I suppose that all my data will be stored in NextCloud, include the database. So that I think if I turned off the computer which I used to configure my server, the whole system will not be affected. Because I use NextCloud server just for configure my server, all the data is stored in the real NextCloud server. Please tell me if I missed something.

Yes. Normally you install it on the same system. Nextcloud is “only” a webserver (apache2/nginx), a database, php and the Nextcloud “program”. Look LAMP.

You do not really need Docker. If you want to use Docker you must also learn Docker. For normal LAMP installation read this (Debian) and this (Ubuntu). I do not know WSL installation. This may be different from the two links but similar in parts.