Custom Web Interface or customizing the default web interface

Is there any way to create a custom web interface and bypass the nextcloud interface. To explain it detail, I want to create my own web interface to access the files on the nextcloud server. Is there anyway to make it happen? Or can i modify the existing user interface of the nextcloud web interface?

Hi. Well you are probably better of integrating to your NC through the API. That way you can build any interface you like.

You can also modify the nextcloud web interface a little bit. For the most users and companies it is sufficient. You can get upgrade-problems with more adjustments.

And what about the nextcloud features like sharing? Then they all not work or you must use a nextcloud API.

Please post your goal? Do you want a webserver, CDN, …?

The agenda is to create a web interface that can fetch the data from the Nextcloud server. So basically, we want to bypass the login screen to use something of our own. We want to remove or modify some of the features that are offered by the Nextcloud web interface.

We actually want to integrate nextcloud into our own web applications so that we can use its file manager capabilities, permissions, user setup, and viewing documents on office products like collabora online. Is this possible? What kind of customizability does Nextcloud web interface offers other than the look and feel and the custom css/theming.

Can you provide link to any resource ?

You can use an own webserver on the same server and access the data in the nextcloud path. But then perhaps you do not need Nextcloud.

If you’re just using nextcloud for data storage, it can be accessed via WebDAV protocol while obviously maintaining the proper partitioning and ACLs. Your web SERVER (apache or nginx) can be configured to block access to everything besides the WebDAV paths, and you can rig up your own web interface around the WebDAV.

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Thought of the same idea. Any resources you could link to for reference?

Well, there’s this;

You basically can use cURL for everything, or libcurl through php.

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