Custom Theming via config.php instead of via WebGUI

Hello there.

I am new to this community, but have been using Owncloud and now Nextcloud for some time.

I am currently setting up an install of Nextcloud (and LOVE the new features it brings) but I have run into an issue. Perhaps it my own lack of knowledge, but I can’t seem to make Theming work the way it did in Owncloud.

I have a custom theme created including changes to defaults.php, but they do not seem to override the new settings found in the Web GUI. Is this by design? The developers guide seems to suggest that theming the “old way” should still work. Am I missing something?

Currently running on Ubuntu 14.04LTS and Nextcloud 9.0.52. Thanks for any advice!

Have you enabled the new theme in the NC config file?

Try to disable the Theming app in the app section, when you have your own Defaults

Correct. The as long as the Theming app is enabled, the values are taken from the app. If you don’t want to use the theming app you have to disable it.

Thanks for the quick replies everyone!

At one point I know I tried disabling the Theme App, but it defaulted to the stock theme and not the custom one I created (and enabled in config.php).

That said, I wonder if my permissions were correct since I pulled those files in from an external share.

Will keep the thread posted. Thanks again!

Yep, sure enough when I copied the examples directory with a new name over it is now theming the way that is expected.

Thank you!

An own theme in config.php overrides the app.

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Seconded, the themes app is enabled on my system and my theme overrides it.

Did you ever get this solved mate? I’m having the very same issue. My custom theme is not being shown. Very odd. on my local dev it is! Which is even stranger!

It would be really nice if anyone who is able to customize his nextCloud could post a tutorial that actually works!!! Because the one in the admin manual simply doesn’t work…It seems like there is a step missing but which!!!