Custom push notifications server setup for Talk


I was wondering if there are some documentation for how to built/install a custom push notification server for Talk app(Android or iOS).

The reason I am asking for self/custom push server is that Talk app is customized and not using Nextcloud push server anymore.

Any help/links will be appreciated.


Hey, there’s some discussion around it at Deploying your own push-proxy server · Issue #82 · nextcloud/notifications · GitHub
But long story short, the push proxy is not open source at the moment.

What features are you missing, that you’re using a custom talk build?


It’s not about features, more about rebranding. You know company stuff etc.

So from the looks of it I assume there is nothing we can do at this stage as docs are non existant and code is not public yet.

I see. You know that if you use a custom theming on the server, it will be reflected in the clients? Of course this has it limitation, depending on what kind of company branding you’re looking at.

I don’t think it is worth the hassle, tbh. Either you need to do it without push (which really limit the apps) or you need to implement your own push proxy solution. In both cases you also need to make sure to keep up with the official development.

Also there is branding support as part of an enterprise subscription, which might be worth looking into.

I know all those things. But its more than just color theming.

Actually I have users who need it as I work on Nextcloud deployments/apps etc, so they approached me on this.

I have already told them, its not possible right now.

Try this;