Custom mime type mapping

I am trying to map some custom extensions to MIME types but it looks like it isn’t reading the new config file.

I have created the file /var/www/nextcloud/config/mimetypemapping.json with the content:

        "nfo": ["application/xml", "text/code", "text/plain"],
        "tbn": ["image/jpeg"]

The images shown for those 2 extensions are still the default ‘file.svg’ icon. Is there something I am missing?


if the file was already existing before, it is indexed in oc_filecache with the previous mapping.
changing the mapping-file will only work for new files.

to apply this to already existing files, you need to run the occ if I am not wrong

Updated the link to point to our docs

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@z000ao8q Thanks for that tip. I did a rescan and now it shows it as expected. Cheers :slight_smile: