Custom Menu without side Menu

Hi Devs and Devs of Custom Menu,

Is there a way to use the custom menu only for sorting and hiding apps?

I do not need or want a side menu and there are only options with it.

Probably I oversaw a possibility?

I Just want to customize the sorting of the Apps in the Top Bar (and Hide some if possible) but no other second Vertical Bar (or Icon in the Top Bar)



Check the documentation: FAQ - Custom menu

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Hi @deblan ,

Thanks for the quick response.
I gave up looking too early.

Hi @deblan ,

Powerful app!

I would like to make a feature request though.

Hiding (not showing) the icon of applications completely.
Since I have a few users and some of them have the one and only purpose and I only need two applications (Files and Phonetrack) and the rest is only annoying especially on small (smartphone) screens.
This should be done in Personal settings (so it is not an insecure way of robbing one of an application).

Great App.

Select another display of menu (eg: big menu), hide apps in the menu and in the top menu.
You also can hide the icon when there is no apps (an option exists).

This configuration is global.

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Nice, thanks.

I would never figured that out myself.