Custom mail to user?

Hi guys,

short question. Would it be now possible to send a mail to a user group or all users?
I would like to take the server offline for 4 hour. Now i had to inform all users “with a e-mail”. Would this be possible? Couldn’t find something in my NC admin account.

Thank you and best regards!

try app admin notifications

and better do schedule your downtimes a day ahead

I will advise also to use:

and the app what @JimmyKater suggest

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Thank you for the answers. But these apps only show a notification and it is not possible to send an e-mail. Or do i have overlooked something?

afaik there’s nothing like a massmailing-feature installed to nextcloud.
though you could get all user’s emails from database, extract them into a csv-file (or such) and then send out a massmailing using your emailclient.